Herkimer Diamond Red Hematoid Quartz Bracelet
Herkimer Diamond Red Hematoid Quartz Bracelet
BO-026-50 L2L Crystal
Herkimer Diamond Red Hematoid Quartz Bracelet
BO-026-50 L2L Crystal
Herkimer Diamond Red Hematoid Quartz Bracelet L2L Crystal
Herkimer Diamond Red Hematoid Quartz Bracelet L2L Crystal
Herkimer Diamond Red Hematoid Quartz Bracelet L2L Crystal

L2L Crystal

Herkimer Diamond Red Hematoid Quartz Bracelet

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Herkimer Diamond Red Hematoid Quartz Bracelet is a rare and powerful form of double-terminated quartz. Known as the "attunement stone," Herkimer Diamond aligns the wearer's energy with the highest vibrations of the universe, facilitating spiritual growth, clarity of thought, and divine guidance. Its dazzling clarity and radiant energy infuse the bracelet with a sense of purity and light.

Interwoven with Herkimer Diamond are beads of Red Hematoid Quartz, adorned with striking red streaks of hematite. Red Hematoid Quartz combines the grounding properties of hematite with the amplifying energies of quartz, creating a potent synergy that anchors the wearer to the earth while energizing and revitalizing the spirit. It enhances courage, strength, and vitality, empowering the wearer to overcome obstacles and manifest their goals with confidence and determination.

The design of the Herkimer Diamond Bracelet is both elegant and understated, allowing the natural beauty of the gemstones to take center stage. Whether worn as a daily reminder of inner strength and resilience or as a tool for deepening spiritual practice, our Hematoid Quartz Bracelet is sure to inspire and uplift the wearer on their journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

  1. Amplification of Energy: Herkimer Diamonds are exceptional amplifiers of energy and intentions. They enhance the effects of other gemstones and spiritual practices, helping to manifest intentions with greater clarity and efficiency. Wearing Herkimer Diamonds can amplify your energy field, promoting vitality and vitality.

  2. Clarity and Insight: Herkimer Diamonds are renowned for their clarity and brilliance. They stimulate mental clarity, enhance intuition, and promote spiritual insight. Wearing Herkimer Diamonds can help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your life's purpose.

  3. Grounding and Protection: Red Hematoid Quartz offers grounding and protective energy. It helps anchor your energy to the earth and provides a sense of stability and security. Red Hematoid Quartz also shields against negative energies and psychic attacks, helping to maintain a sense of balance and well-being.

  4. Vitality and Strength: Red Hematoid Quartz is associated with vitality, strength, and courage. It encourages you to overcome obstacles and challenges with resilience and determination. Wearing Red Hematoid Quartz can boost your confidence and inner strength, empowering you to face life's ups and downs with grace and fortitude.

  5. Emotional Healing: Both Herkimer Diamonds and Red Hematoid Quartz carry healing energies that promote emotional well-being. They help release negative emotions, such as anger, fear, and resentment, and promote forgiveness, compassion, and self-love. Wearing this bracelet can facilitate emotional healing and inner peace.

  6. Spiritual Protection: Herkimer Diamonds and Red Hematoid Quartz offer spiritual protection against negative influences and energies. They create a shield of light around the wearer, helping to ward off psychic attacks and unwanted energies. Wearing this bracelet can help you feel safe and supported on your spiritual journey.


  • Material: Red Hematoid Quartz, Herkimer Diamond
  • Color: Red
  • Length: Standard 16cm
  • Style: Women's beaded bracelet 
  • Type: Handmade Jewelry

Packing list:
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